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Business Day: Chaos in the ANC could enable Zuma to intervene as arbiter  Dec 2017

Zuma as arbiter in the upcoming stalemate would be an ideal position, which he will no doubt use to his advantage

Fin24: Is SA mining 'uninvestable'?  Sep 2017

Policy uncertainty in the South African mining industry has long been the default culprit for increasingly dwindling foreign capital investment into the sector and remains

Fin24: Are the illicit flows fake?  Aug 2017

Highly influential global estimates of illicit financial flows (IFFs) are complete nonsense designed to overstate private sector complicity in underdevelopment, economists contracted by the Chamber

Mining News: Chamber of Mines calls on UNCTAD to withdraw faulty report  Aug 2017

South African Chamber of Mines (COM) has released the third and final Eunomix report in a series commissioned to examine the UNCTAD's (United Nations Conference

BD TV interviews Eunomix's JP van der Merwe on Africa's SEZs  Aug 2017

Alishia Seckam takes a look at how successful Special Economic Zones on the continent have been in attracting investment and promoting industrialisation. Joining her in

Zero sum game: Why the Mining Charter redraft has no winners  Aug 2017

The third revision of the Mining Charter gazetted on June 15 sent shock waves through South Africa's mining industry. The onerous set of new regulations

Chamber of Mines releases final independent report on trade invoicing  Aug 2017

The Chamber of Mines has released the third and final report in a series commissioned to examine the July 2016 United Nations Conference on Trade

Mining Weekly - COM rubbishes UNCTAD misinvoicing report  Aug 2017

Commissioned research by advisory firm Eunomix Research has led the South African Chamber of Mines (CoM) to reject the third iteration of the United Nations

Business Day - Report cools fears of invoicing problems in industry  Aug 2017

Discrepancies are not due to illegal activities but to other factors, Eunomix report shows

Business Day - AngloGold battles Tanzanian laws  Jul 2017

Subsidiaries turn to arbitration after government passes new legislation to ensure state profits.

Eunomix is quoted in the French news weekly Le Point on the political crisis in South Africa  May 2017

Eunomix interviewed by BBC Afrique on the crisis  Apr 2017

Listen to this interview of Claude Baissac in French commenting on the current political and economic crisis confronting South Africa following the dismissal of the

Claude Baissac interviewed by Free Zones Watch on SEZs in Africa  Mar 2017

In this interview, Claude Baissac discussed how SEZs have performed in Africa, how they could be improved, on China has influenced the playing field, and

Claude Baissac interviewed on Classic FM on the trade misinvoincing issue  Feb 2017

Watch Eunomix engaging on the trade misinvoicing issue  Feb 2017

Eunomix has been commissioned to review Unctad July 2016 report on trade misinvoicing. Eunomix conclusively demonstrated that "great gold heist" does not exist. Unctad theory

Read this blog by economist Maya Forstater on the trade misinvoicing saga  Feb 2017

Maya Forstater's blog provides a summary of the debate that has been raging since July 2016 following Unctad's release of a report accusing, among others,

Coverage in Mining Weekly on second gold misinvoicing report  Feb 2017

Mining Weekly reports on how Eunomix's second report on trade gaps in gold further debunks UNCTAD claims of deliberate misinvoicing committed by South African gold


South African Chamber of Mines op-ed on Eunomix report on trade misinvoicing in Business Day  Dec 2016

The Chamber of Mines' economist Henk Langenhoven published an op-ed in Business Day on Eunomix' limited counterfactual study to the UNCTAD report on trade misinvoicing

Coverage on Eunomix CSR event in Mining Weekly  Oct 2016

One of the main lessons coming out of Eunomix's event on CSR in mining, hosted in cooperation with the High Commission of Canada, was that

Eunomix interview on CNBC Africa: Exploring Special Economic Zones  May 2016

CNBC Africa sat down with Eunomix analyst JP van der Merwe to discuss Special Economic Zones as a tool for economic growth in 'fragile situations'

Coverage on Eunomix report on platinum mining in Rustenburg in Mail & Guardian  Apr 2016

Eunomix's latest report on the impact of the platinum companies in the Rustenburg area in South Africa and our analysis on the social investments of

Eunomix interview on BBC: The fall of the Rand (in French)  Jan 2016

Eunomix MD Claude Baissac analysed in a BBC interview the reasons behind the historic low of the South African currency - the Rand - and

Eunomix previews study on PGM companies' performance in MineWeb  Feb 2016

Eunomix analyst Ryan Blumenow spoke to MineWeb about our study on the role internal factors played in the performance of platinum producers over the last

Eunomix comments on South Africa State of Capture Report in BBC (French)  Nov 2016

Eunomix MD Claude Baissac comments on the current debate about the Public Protector's State of Capture report in South Africa.

Eunomix comments on South Africa Finance Minister situation in Fin24  Oct 2016

Eunomix MD Claude Baissac commented on the situation regarding the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in Fin24 by alerting to the risks of a potential removal

Eunomix in Financial Mail: Overall restructuring is key for Africa's resource sector  Feb 2016

Eunomix MD Claude Baissac is quoted in Financial Mail, stating that the current commodity downturn presents an opportunity to develop the non-mining economies in Africa

Coverage on Eunomix report on platinum mining in Rustenburg, South Africa  Apr 2016

Eunomix's report on the contribution of platinum mining to the GDP of the Rustenburg area in South Africa and the impact of platinum mining companies' social

Eunomix in Mining Journal: Action needed to turn SA mining around  Jan 2016

Eunomix previewed the 2016 Mining Indaba in an article in Mining Journal, giving an outlook on South Africa's mining sector and commenting on the government's


Coverage on Eunomix's advisory on Senegal's SEZ programme (in French)  Nov 2015

Eunomix is providing expertise to the Government of Senegal through UNIDO on a proposed industrial platform programme. Eunomix MD Claude Baissac was quoted in saying,

Eunomix study cited by Daily Maverick article on Zambia  Dec 2015

A 2013 Eunomix study has been cited by the Daily Maverick's analysis on Zambia, which calculates that Zambia would have generated mineral rents totalling $65-billion

Eunomix op-ed in Business Day: A guide to escaping the resource curse  Oct 2015

Eunomix's MD Claude Baissac writes that South Africa is at great risk of becoming a victim of the resource curse, but there is a narrow

Eunomix in Engineering News: Rethink On Mineral Beneficiation Needed  Dec 2015

Eunomix's second Beneficiation Monitor has received coverage in Engineering News. The article highlights that under the current economic climate, characterised by a commodity slump,

Eunomix in MineWeb: Beneficiation? Rather use the creativity of the people  Oct 2015

Eunomix Associate Jessica van Onselen and MD Claude Baissac spoke to MineWeb at the 2015 Joburg Indaba about the challenges Africa faces with natural resource-based

BizCommunity examines Eunomix's Zimbabwe study  Sep 2015

Eunomix's report on Zimbabwe's beneficiation policy received press coverage in BizCommunity.

Press coverage on benefication research series   Sep 2015

Engineering News, July 2015 Business Report, July 2015 Mining Weekly, July 2015

Benefits of mineral beneficiation in Africa  Jul 2015

South African-based research firm Eunomix earlier launched its beneficiation research series. Managing Director of Eunomix, Claude Baissac joins CNBC Africa to discuss how mineral beneficiation

Eunomix research launches comprehensive beneficiation research series  Jul 2015

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, July 13th, 2015 - Eunomix Research, the South Africa-based research arm of strategic advisory firm Eunomix, today launched its beneficiation research series.

Is there opportunity in S.Africa's beneficiation policy?  Mar 2015

What really is the opportunity cost of South Africa's beneficiation? Our guest says policy uncertainty in South Africa's resources sector has become a defining feature

Eunomix calls for rigour on benefication policy in South Africa  Mar 2015

Eunomix calls for rigour on benefication policy in South Africa: the opportunity cost is an unsustainable mining industry and a fractured industrial blueprint for Africa's second

African Commodities Sector In ‘Crisis Mode’  Feb 2015

February 16 – Africa's mining sector faces numerous challenges in the year ahead including falling commodity prices, skills shortages and lack of policy direction in

A crisis of optimism ravages S.Africa’s mining sector  Feb 2015

Eunomix's managing director Claude Baissac said the crisis in the mining sector was a creation by the industry. More

African miners feeling the squeeze  Feb 2015

Against a background of crashing commodity prices, mining in Africa is facing increasing pressure as governments and investors struggle over distribution of the mineral wealth

Classic Business with Anchor Michael Avery   Feb 2015

Classic Business with Anchor Michael Avery brings you closer to the business stories shaping the markets and driving investment decisions daily. From Monday to Friday


The political Connection  Nov 2014

Eunomix is a consultancy specialized in de-risking mining and resources investments and projects. In Africa, where the line between social and political obligations is often hazy,

Are the last 10 years a loss for mining in S.Africa?  Oct 2014

Anglo American CEO Mark Cutifani told the Joburg Indaba that the last ten years should be regarded as a "lost" decade for the mining industry.

Claude Baissac on CNBC Africa commenting on the amendments of the mineral and oil & gas legislation in South Africa.  Mar 2014

Amendments to the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act will also allow the Mineral Resources Minister to declare some minerals as strategic and force those

NUM vows to continue with platinum sector wage strike  Jan 2014

Members of the National Union of Mineworkers have resolved to continue strikes in the platinum sector. This comes after yesterday's CCMA meeting between the union


Nationalisation presents a clear danger to mineral rents  Nov 2013

IN THURSDAY's article on this page, titled "Rethink needed to allow 'dirt diggers' to aid the economy", I questioned the South African government's policy of

Rethink needed to allow ‘dirt diggers’ to aid the economy  Nov 2013

THE government has vowed to transform the mining industry into the core of national industrialisation and economic growth via the "mineral-energy complex", which is the

Mining in Africa - now is the time for change  Jun 2013

Africa's mining industry is leaking billions of pounds from dodgy deals and tax evasion. Change needs to happen now to ensure its commodity wealth translates

Get asset finance and fleet management  Oct 2013

Every Friday morning, SAfm's AMLive's radio anchor Xolani Gwala speaks to Martin Creamer, publishing editor of Engineering News and Mining Weekly. Reported here is this

Clarity needed on SA's beneficiation targets  Sep 2013

THE beneficiation of South Africa's mineral endowment to a higher value product is currently one of the crucial and comprehensive interventions in the mining industry.

SA tax review a sign investors' fears heard  Sep 2013

National Congress (ANC) dropped wholesale nationalisation as a policy at its Mangaung conference last year, its adoption of the State Intervention in the Minerals Sector

Commodity Slump Clouds Outlook for African Policy Makers  May 2013

Sliding prices for the commodities that have underpinned Africa's expansion for more than a decade are threatening to check economic progress in the world's poorest

We love to think SA is sliding towards the precipice  Apr 2013

IT'S AN old joke that gentiles leave without saying goodbye and that Jews say goodbye but never leave. More

DA’s new election campaign flagrant, outrageous  Apr 2013

THE Democratic Alliance's (DA's) proposed new election campaign suggesting that the African National Congress (ANC) is the natural successor of the old National Party (NP)

Africa and the perils of poor resource rents  Apr 2013


Mine nationalisation lost Zambia $45bn, Eunomix study finds  Mar 2013

Copper-endowed Zambia lost $45-billion in mining rents by nationalising its mines, an amount considerably greater than the foreign aid it received in those years, Eunomix

State intervention risking return of 70s-type resource sterilisation  Mar 2013

Current African policies intended to capture a greater share of the resource rent through increased State intervention run the risk of bringing back the resource

Perceptions of mining investment in SA post Mining Indaba 2013: Claude Baissac - economist, Eunomix  Feb 2013

HILTON TARRANT: We've seen some strong views from executives at the Mining Indaba over the past 24 hours. Randgold Resources boss Mark Bristow rather bluntly

Solving the problems facing the platinum mining sector: Claude Baissac - economist, Eunomix  Jan 2013

HILTON TARRANT: Well, a chaotic and tense fallout following the restructuring announcement by Anglo American Platinum on Tuesday. Government, through Minister of Mineral Resources, Susan

“Big economic, jobs benefits possible from enhanced mining-manufacturing interface”  Aug 2013

An enhanced interface between mining and manufacturing could have major economic and employment spin-offs for South Africa and Africa, separate research by the Industrial Development

“Read this short analysis of South Africa’s mining crisis in the August issue of Mining Journal”  Aug 2013

South Africa is Africa's mining giant. In 2010, the country's mineral rent stood at an impressive US$16.6 billion in the dollar value of the year 2000. More

CoM confident AMCU won't derail peace train  Jul 2013

THE Association of Mineworkers & Construction Union (AMCU) has brought new-found momentum in restoring peace and stability on South Africa's mines to a standstill after


Business outlines its views on Mangaung  Dec 2012

As the ANC gathers for its elective conference, business outlines its views on what needs to be achieved. More

Why platinum isn't a contrarian play just yet  Nov 2012

As the biggest producer in South Africa, the fortunes of Anglo American Platinum and the sector more generally are inextricably linked. Its large portfolio of

SA mining post Marikana - Claude Baissac  Nov 2012

The Russian firm said it will also double annual coal output to between 25 and 30m tonnes over the same time frame and look to

South African Job Losses Mount as Strikes Prompt GDP Cut  Oct 2012

The most violent mining strikes in South Africa since the end of apartheid are hobbling an economy that's faced with a 25 percent jobless rate

Leaders bury heads in the sand as SA burns  Oct 2012

UNTIL Thursday, when it seemed to awake, government's deafening silence on the wave of illegal strikes crippling the vital mining industry is adding to growing

Platinum industry on brink, Chatham House Rule meeting hears  Sep 2012

Fifty per cent of South Africa's increasingly fragile platinum-mining industry was loss making under current prices, a Chatham House Rule roundtable has been told. More

South African Mine Mayhem Helps Malema Stage Political Comeback  Sep 2012

Julius Malema, the youth leader who was thrown out of South Africa's ruling party for sowing discord, is using the most deadly mine violence since

It's not all our fault, say miners  Sep 2012

Mining companies don't deny there are serious social problems around Rustenburg, but Impala Platinum CEO Terence Goodlace points out: "We cannot do everything for everybody.

Probe Set for Mine Clashes  Aug 2012

As mine workers' families honored their dead Thursday, South African President Jacob Zuma attempted to direct investigators' focus primarily toward platinum miner Lonmin PLC as

Some Lonmin miners return to work  Aug 2012

ALEC HOGG: Lonmin – it is now a week of national mourning in our country. The rock-drill operators who were at the centre of this,

Investment climate and policy in SA is going in the wrong direction  Aug 2012

South Africa's corporate borrowing costs are climbing on concern the deadliest mine violence since the end of apartheid will deter investors just as some mining

Insight: Workers to warriors - union war batters South Africa mines  Aug 2012

South Africa's platinum promise of prosperity has turned into a heap of broken dreams for Vusimuzi Mathosi, one of 2,000 workers laid off by Aquarius

Commodity exchanges proposed to stabilise struggling platinum, ferrochrome sectors  Jun 2012

Commodity exchanges should be established for the metals and minerals that South Africa supplies from a dominant global position. More

To whose mining tune will ANC policy conference dance?  Jun 2012

The ultimate outcome of South African mining industry policy could be decided next week when the National Policy Conference of the ruling African National Congress

Policy shifts  Jun 2012

The ANC policy conference guarantees that the debate among the more than 3000 delegates will be filled with revolutionary rhetoric, but no significant policy shifts

SA mining industry is a sunset proposition, expert says  Jun 2012

In an opinion piece on Sowetan Live, Claude Baissac - director of London-based risk-investment climate consultancy Eunomix, says that the South African mining sector, which

Govt, business, labour combine to aid platinum sector  Jun 2012

Government, business and organised labour have joined forces to aid South Africa's beleaguered platinum industry, which is beset by low prices, high costs and serious

The closure of platinum mines: a clarion call for a new mining deal  Jun 2012

Growing mine closures are the expression of the existential threat to an industry confronted with a persistent global economic downturn, relentless cost inflation and unceasing

Govt assigns team to work on platinum's woes  Jun 2012

THE slowdown in the global commodities boom had hit SA just before the ruling African National Congress (ANC) was due to debate a mining policy

Mali blindsides Randgold  Mar 2012

IT TAKES a lot to knock the likes of Mark Bristow, CEO of Randgold Resources, off his stride, but the coup d'etat in Mali –

Engineering News and Mining Weekly  Nov 2012

Gwala: South Africa is being urged to deploy its strong private sector to rid the country of the 'evil triplets' of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

ANC’s shunning of South Africa’s private sector a 'huge mistake'  Nov 2012

Mining risk management company Eunomix, which is on the cusp of publishing a crucial study on African economic advancement through resource development, warns that South

Podcast: Classic Business on Classic FM  Sep 2012

In this edition of Classic Government as part of Classic Business for a one-hour special, Anchor Glenn Lewington facilitated the first discussion on the topic

Claude Baissac from Eunomix discusses the ANC's mining policies  Jul 2012

Interview with Claude Baissacfrom Eunomix. More