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Biznews: Early signs the DA, back under Helen Zille, could flourish
Nov 2019

Helen Zille has a thick skin second to none. Despite much criticism of her comments about various issues, and an outcry about her return to a key position in the Democratic Alliance, an important opposition party in South Africa’s political arena, Zille is pressing on with her vision for the party and South Africa.

CNBC: Africa Investment Forum: Eunomix CEO: How resource nationalism can be turned into a positive force in Africa
Nov 2019

The interest of international investors in the African continent is growing, as can be seen by good attendance at the Africa Investment Forum held in Sandton. CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters spoke to Markus Pietikäinen, Chief Investment Officer of Finnfund and Claude Baissac, CEO of Eunomix about their experience at the AIF, development of entrepreneurs, access to finance and other key issues.

Bloomberg: Ramaphosa’s Challenge May Be Bigger Than That Faced by Mandela
Nov 2019

“Zuma and his allies erased about 20 years of progress,” said Claude Baissac, the head of Eunomix Business and Economics Ltd., which advises on political risk. Now “we don’t have a consensus, we don’t have the euphoria of liberation and great leaders. It’s not very clear what the plan is. They look like reindeer caught in the headlights.”

Le Monde: L’entreprise Eskom menace de faire disjoncter l’économie sud-africaine
Oct 2019

Et pourtant, chez Eskom les dysfonctionnements sont tellement profonds que Claude Baissac conclut que « tout le modèle est en faillite ». 

Bloomberg: DA implosion gives ANC a free pass
Oct 2019

“The party needs something entirely new. It’s certainly not Helen Zille,” said Claude Baissac, the head of Eunomix Business and Economics Ltd., which advises on political risk. “To be a kind of Anglo Saxon liberal-style party in a country that is affected by devastating unemployment and racial inequality is absurd.”

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Claude Baissac spoke at the Vision 2030 Summit
Nov 2019

EunomixGCR: Tracking and forecasting Africa’s performance and trajectory. A data-centric perspective

Johannesburg Business School Masterclass: Geopolitical and Country Risk until 2024
Nov 2019

Geopolitical & country risk is at a 25-year high. In South Africa, political risk is at the highest since 1995. This Masterclass will explore: 1) Global trends in geopolitical and SA risk, 2)  How business is impacted ; 3) Current approaches to GCR management' 4) How to initiate risk analysis and reduction in practical and cost-effective ways.

Claude Baissac to speak on coal future panel at Joburg Indaba
Oct 2019

The Transition from Coal to the Future:  Beyond coal: the “just transition” from coal to renewables. How do we move from coal fired power to future energy sources? Chair: Brian Dames, CEO, African Rainbow Energy & Power, Panelists: Mxolisi Mgojo, President, Minerals Council South Africa and CEO, Exxaro, Claude Baissac, Chief Executive Officer, Eunomix

Claude Baissac to speak at South Africa Vision 2030 Summit
Oct 2019

Vision 2030 is a Summit, Awards and Publication that creates a unique platform for the public and private sector - the entire economic value chain - to connect, engage and identify solutions that champion the National Development Plan NDP. Claude Baissac will be presenting 10 years of data on Africa's growth and development achievements and challenges.


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