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Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac quoted in Bloomberg article about the resurgence of resource nationalism in Zambia
May 2019

“Resource nationalism tends to peak exceptionally when there is a perception that commodity prices are high and countries feel they are not getting the benefit,” said Claude Baissac, the head of Johannesburg-based risk consultancy Eunomix Business & Economics Ltd. “President Lungu is undermining the gains of the 2000s.”

Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac sits down with Mining Weekly to give his take on how South Africa can leverage its economic opportunity
May 2019

In concurring [with President Ramaphosa], Baissac said a few strong signals and a few simple but effective regulatory steps by the President would engender the confidence for investors to begin investing again and consumers to begin consuming again. “That’s what this President needs to do to get things started. If he does that, then we can start talking about the more long-term structural activities and actions that we need to take to remove the real constraints to growth – education,

Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac sits down with eNCA's Vuyo Mvoko to talk about South Africa's economic prospects and the pitfalls of the country's economic policy paradigm
Apr 2019

“I don’t think South Africa has the luxury of reckless experimentation, for example land expropriation without compensation is reckless experimentation. We know what works in terms of economic policy and growth, [there are] plenty of countries that share South Africa’s very divisive, colonial and very unequal history that have managed to get beyond this…you can look at Malaysia which is a very interesting example for SA.” “They found a way to balance the necessity for transformation and industrialisation while attracting

Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac quoted in Business Times article on the lessons that South Africa can learn from South Korea and Singapore
Apr 2019

South African consumers are getting more and more concerned about the economy, especially with upcoming elections igniting uncertainties about whether elected leaders will live up to their commitments or not. A recent report by Eunomix Business & Economics Ltd. further revealed that South Africa's economy for over a decade now is the worst among nations that aren't suffering through wars. The report said the downtrend is expected to keep up as corruption from previous administrations continues to loom over the government. Aside

Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac on Business Day's Spotlight Podcast discussing EunomixCR, big data and South Africa's state performance
Apr 2019

SA has a well developed and functioning economy resembling that of a First World nation, but the country seems to have languished in a Third World state for decades, says Claude Baissac, CEO of Eunomix, a research and advisory firm that assesses countries on a number of metrics to determine their economic and social health. In this edition of Business Day Spotlight, host Mudiwa Gavaza is joined by Baissac, who discusses his firm’s research into the SA economy, explaining some

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Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac to speak at the Harare Indaba 2019
Apr 2019

Mining Indaba CSR event with the Government of Canada, Norton Rose and Mining Dialogues 360 Degrees
Feb 2019

Eunomix sponsors multistakeholder debate event Mining Dialogues 360°
Nov 2018

Global Economic Governance Africa forum on Trade Mispricing in Africa
Oct 2018

Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac will be an expert panelist at the Global Economic Governance's forum on Trade Mispricing in Africa at the Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg. Following Eunomix's groundbreaking report that debunked research conducted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development on misinvoicing in South Africa's gold sector, Claude will be discussing the data challenges of measuring Trade Mispricing on the continent.


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