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Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac featured in Mining Weekly article on policies of African government's that perpetuate mining's boom and bust cycle
Jul 2019

Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac believes that the greater concern is that African mining jurisdictions have become mired in a “macabre cycle” characterised by reactive nationalism, economic collapse, debt forgiveness and privatisation, all of which flow from the cyclical nature of mining. “History shows that mining, because of its essential cyclicality, has crests and troughs in terms of its capacity to attract investment. For example, the long commodity bear of the 80s and 90s was characterised by low commodity prices and low investment,

Eunomix study on Zambia's copper industry quoted in Financial Times article about the resurgence of resource nationalism in Zambia
Jul 2019

"According to Eunomix, Zambia and Chile produced a tenth each of the world’s copper in 1970. By 2017, Zambia’s share had fallen to 4 per cent due to the legacy of the nationalisation while Chile controlled more than a quarter of world production."

Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac speaks about policy quality in SA mining policy
Jul 2019

"South Africa's minerals policy has changed the market in inefficient ways, exacerbated the impact of external factors such as volatile commodities prices and failed to meet its primary objectives"

Eunomix Research releases Zambia mineral rent study showing the cost of nationalisation and policy uncertainty
Jul 2019

The report focuses on the diverging growth paths of the Zambian and Chilean copper mining sectors. In 1970 the two countries both produced about 700,000 tonnes of copper a year – about 10% each of global copper production. In 2017, Chile produced 27% of world production and Zambia 4%. These trends are analysed and explained. Says Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac: “It is one of the great ironies of the modern era that the most far-reaching efforts of governments to maximise benefits

Business Day publishes a Eunomix Op-Ed on resource nationalism
Jun 2019

"Resource nationalism drives fear in mining corporations. But the concept is not inherently negative. Most agree that a country with a significant mineral endowment should reap widespread benefits from its resource. But throughout Africa that is where agreement ends. Norway is hardly seen as resource-nationalistic. Yet it should be labelled so: state ownership, high levels of oil taxes, and a world-leading fund that stabilises and diversifies the economy while funding a generous welfare system. This framework serves the people, and

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