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Democracy and Prosperity, ThinkTease by Eunomix
Sep 2019

How do democracy and prosperity interact? Are they related, dependent, or independent of each other? For the past three decades China has shown that fast growth and deepening prosperity do not need democracy. For most of the 20th century democracy and prosperity were believed to be mutual conditions. Is this the case no longer?

Eunomix cited in Bloomberg article on the ANC
Aug 2019

That's led to "a fundamental yearning for a moderate center-left representation for the urban middle-class,said Claude Baissac. The opportunities for anyone able to meet that desire are "huge", he said.

Eunomix quotes in Bloomberg's story on Ramaphosa
Aug 2019

“Time is not on his side, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t,” said Claude Baissac, the head of Eunomix Business & Economics Ltd., a Johannesburg-based risk advisory firm. “Someone needs to make some bold decisions here.”

Business Day publishes a Eunomix Op-Ed on resource nationalism
Jun 2019

"Resource nationalism drives fear in mining corporations. But the concept is not inherently negative. Most agree that a country with a significant mineral endowment should reap widespread benefits from its resource. But throughout Africa that is where agreement ends. Norway is hardly seen as resource-nationalistic. Yet it should be labelled so: state ownership, high levels of oil taxes, and a world-leading fund that stabilises and diversifies the economy while funding a generous welfare system. This framework serves the people, and

Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac quoted in RFI's article on Eskom titled: "Afrique du Sud: nouveau plan de sauvetage pour l’entreprise publique Eskom"
Jul 2019

"Aujourd'hui? l’État n'a que le choix de renflouer la société mais de manière insuffisante. C'est le pansement sur la plaie béante." - Claude Baissac

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Claude Baissac to speak on coal future panel at Joburg Indaba
Oct 2019

The Transition from Coal to the Future:  Beyond coal: the “just transition” from coal to renewables. How do we move from coal fired power to future energy sources? Chair: Brian Dames, CEO, African Rainbow Energy & Power, Panelists: Mxolisi Mgojo, President, Minerals Council South Africa and CEO, Exxaro, Claude Baissac, Chief Executive Officer, Eunomix

Claude Baissac to speak at South Africa Vision 2030 Summit
Oct 2019

Vision 2030 is a Summit, Awards and Publication that creates a unique platform for the public and private sector - the entire economic value chain - to connect, engage and identify solutions that champion the National Development Plan NDP. Claude Baissac will be presenting 10 years of data on Africa's growth and development achievements and challenges.

SAIMM Conference: Revitalising exploration potential in Southern Africa
May 2020

Exploration is a critical component of the development and sustainability of the minerals industry. Southern Africa still has vast untapped mineral resources, yet the level of exploration is at an all-time low. The objective of this conference is to understand the barriers that exist in terms of establishing exploration activity, and to develop solutions in terms of opportunities, funding, skills, technology and policy. CLICK ON THE EVENT TITLE ABOVE

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Eunomix CEO Claude Baissac to present at the Institute of Risk Management South Africa's event "South Africa what?"
Aug 2019


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