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L'Afrique du Sud, leader continental contesté
Feb 2018

« L'économie est à bout de souffle en raison de dix ans de gestion populiste, de la dilapidation de la bonne gouvernance fiscale et budgétaire de jadis et de l'affaiblissement d'institutions critiques, telles que le service des impôts, pénétrées par de véritables mafias suite à la quasi capture de l'Etat par le groupe Gupta »

What mining still means for South Africa - IRR
Feb 2018

"Eunomix, a research agency, said that most of the population of Rustenburg had failed to benefit from the platinum boom (which came to an end some years ago). However, it said, spending by Rustenburg mining companies on education, health, housing, and infrastructure was still much higher than that of local government."

Industry's resilience beginning to pay off
Feb 2018

"The South African mining industry has fought hard and it has managed to improve its efficiency, reduce its debt and enhance performance"

TXFNews: Mining for More Margins
Jan 2018

“Miners are searching for new paths to sustainable growth and returns after many years of downsizing, restructuring and debt reduction pain on the back of massive overinvestment decisions during the commodity super-cycle"

DRC: the Guessing Game
Jan 2018

“But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t invest in the DRC. It means you should do your homework properly before you invest"

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EunomixCR App Launch!
Mar 2018

Eunomix has developed a unique interactive country risk analysis and management app, EunomixCR, that gives clients easy access to international and country data on drivers of country risk. The EunomixCR app is currently being deployed with mining clients in South Africa, and will become web accessible in the coming months. Expect an invitation to our public launch soon. Our development partner is Polysphere.

Past events

Mining Indaba's Ministerial Symposium
Feb 2018

Eunomix facilitated a work session between government officials and mining executives during the Ministerial Symposium. The outcome of the workshop was fed-back to the plenary as part of a continuous process of constructive engagement between African governments and the industry in support of the African Mining Vision. 

Mining Indaba 2018
Feb 2018

Eunomix will again be a partner to the Mining Indaba in 2018. We have developed a strong relationship with Africa's premier mining conference, and will hold a number of events. Watch this space!

Reunion Island Exports Club Workshop
Dec 2017

Eunomix will be holding a workshop on how to identify competitive advantage in key value chains in order to grow the export base of Reunion Island. This will take place in St-Gilles, La Reunion, with support from Club Export, Region Reunion, Nexa and others. 


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