Eunomix research launches comprehensive beneficiation research series

15 July 2015

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, July 13th, 2015 - Eunomix Research, the South Africa-based research arm of strategic advisory firm Eunomix, today launched its beneficiation research series. The series seeks to contribute to policy by filling some of the current critical gaps in the beneficiation debate. The series includes a combination of publications, events and engagement with key parties.

Beneficiation policy, a key pillar of the African Mining Vision and other regional initiatives, seeks to localise mining investment and maximise the socioeconomic benefits of mining to the greatest extent possible. For many governments this principally means encouraging the downstream transformation of minerals, which have traditionally been exported raw, into higher-value products. Often associated with controversial legislation and lengthy negotiations between government and the mining industry, beneficiation is a critically under-studied policy area.

Eunomix Research's beneficiation series includes both conceptual and empirical/case study work to be released on a regular basis. This first research series, to cover the second half of 2015, will include reports on:

• Mineral beneficiation policy in Zimbabwe
• The impact of developmental pricing on the scrap metal industry in South Africa
• An examination of Botswana's beneficiation policy and lessons learnt from it
• A series of country case studies examining useful beneficiation policy lessons
• The role of the financial sector in mineral beneficiation in South Africa

I am pleased to share with you, attached to this email, our first quarterly African Mineral Policy and Beneficiation Monitor. This brief document tracks the rapid evolution of Mineral Policy, including Beneficiation, in the context of debased commodity prices.

Eunomix Research's Beneficiation Agenda in the media:

· Business Report / IOL

· Engineering News 

ABOUT Eunomix
Eunomix is an Africa-focused advisory. The company advises natural resource firms on economic development, sustainability and political analysis and works with governments and international donors to improve natural resource management and cultivate sustainable economic growth. Since its foundation, Eunomix has been providing insightful research on a range of political risk topics though its research arm, Eunomix Research. Eunomix has 15 consultants speaking 10 languages.

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Eunomix Research Launches Comprehensive Beneficiation Research Series

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